Friday, April 10, 2009

Transition Time

It's April, and that means a time of transition here in Pinkham Notch. We watch the snow fade away and start thinking about summer.

But, there is still some snow hanging on in pockets out there on the trail system—a few remaining reminders of the great winter past. And, it was, indeed, a great winter. Sometimes it seems the snow is so deep, it will never melt. But, each spring we're reminded that it can melt just as quickly as it falls.

So what's on the horizon? In short, a lot.

Nate has already been out paddling a fair amount. He's always excited to see rain in the forecast because it means great whitewater gets even better. Susan has reluctantly put her skis away for the season, but I wouldn't be surprised the hear that Eli is still skiing on some hidden, super secret patch of snow that only he knows about. Personally, I'm making the transition to running in the mud. I've managed to run a fair amount this winter, so the transition has been less painful than in may years. But, it's always a fun change when you come home from a run covered in mud. It means that spring is here.

Of course, we're also getting the operation ready for the summer. Right now, we're staying off the trail system in order to let it dry out. Nate has been busy getting Great Glen Outfitters set up on the bottom floor, and soon our rental bike fleet will arrive. It seems that transition, too, is a busy time.

If your moving slowly in your own transition, it's time to get out there. The Spring Trail Running Series starts on May 14.

See you soon.
- Ryan

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