Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A new Blog.....Finally

So it's been a great winter so far at Great Glen - so great that none of us can peel ourselves away from our skis long enough to blog apparently. So here goes.

Our 8 week Nordic Meister series concluded today so the pressure is off, I stayed ahead of Nate all season and can now relax and bask in the glory.

We really have been doing quite a bit of skiing and snowshoeing these past couple of months or so, it comes as a byproduct of being addicted to winter and the incredible human powered sports that a New England winter brings. Most days off are at least partly spent at neighboring resorts or in the neighborhood woods.

Here's Sue at the Peeko Fulsom Bridge on one of the Randolph Mountain Club trails in Randolph, NH near where we live - very cool to be able to snowshoe here from the house.

My daughter, Cory and I had a great day of alpine skiing at Wildcat. THE quintessential New England downhill ski area IMHO.

Sue and I tried skiing the trails of the Nansen Ski Club, the oldest ski club in America. They've newly relocated to the Milan Hill State Park where John Morton has laid out a very entertaining trail network. As you can see, we were in deep fresh snow and knowing they operate with volunteer grooming we weren't expecting freshly groomed trails. Beautiful little trail network that is destined to grow.

I think this yurt is part of the summer Milan Hill State Park operation.

Waterville Valley XC is always worth the drive, they seem to have stepped up the grooming and have some fabulous terrain with great and entertaining hills. So much for cell phone camera shots.

Mt Orford near Magog, Quebec is our favorite Canadian destination since it's only 3 hours away, has tons of snow and excellent trails and grooming. You really have to work at it if you want a soda!

But it's pretty cool being right here at Great Glen too - lots of options for snowshoeing and skiing.

And the scenery ain't half bad either!
- Howie